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Wood Words // Magnetic Poetry

Wood Words is a hand-crafted poetry kit that brings MagPo from the fridge door to the table top. Inside a high-quality bamboo box with brass clasp and hinges are 190 (non-magnetic) wooden word tiles, each printed with a word on both sides. Scatter them on any flat surface, make a poem, and then flip some or all of the tiles to reveal an entirely different "surprise" poem. The possibilities are fathomless, mysterious and hilarious! Wood Words box is 4.125 x 4.125 x 3.5 inches tall. The wood tiles are .5 inch tall and .125 inch thick. AVAILABLE FOR SHIPMENT TO US ADDRESSES ONLY. Due to strict import rules regarding wooden products, any order placed for this item shipping to a non-U.S. address will be canceled and refunded. We apologize for this inconvenience.

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