A Little About Us

The Generalist is a shared vision from us, Lora and Bradley Eshbach. 👋🏻

Lora comes from the arts, performance, and events world, Bradley from marketing and consulting, both of us spent the last decade in Chicago and came back to JC, Bradley's hometown, in 2020. With complementary skills as entrepreneurs, organizers, creative thinkers, and strategists, we're hell-bent on building The Generalist into something special. 

Alternative forms of retail (think: General Stores, antique malls, flea markets, junk shops, army/navy surplus, basement boutiques) have thrived in Appalachia by blending community, commerce and creative problem solving.

In this tradition, we aim to be way more than a landlord or wholesaler to our talented vendors. We want to be the launching pad for anyone interested in turning their craft or skill into a business in Appalachia. We're obsessed with breaking the barriers entrepreneurs face (big and small) through shared resources, collective buying power, and a community space where anyone with an idea and some curiosity can thrive.

We're open books and accessible. Just say hello!  We love hearing about new ideas, exciting opportunities, or food recommendations.

So if you want to talk, we'd love to listen. hello@thegeneralist.store

Building The Generalist

cute lil moment captured by the incomparable Anna Hedges

248 E Main Street
Johnson City, TN 37604