Unwind Lavender Company

Hi ya'll! I'm Amber, I'm a southern girl who loves growing lavender and taking long hot baths of Unwind Lavender Company. I am also a mountain girl married to my high school sweetheart, Trent, for 22 years.

We have a shelter puppy, Teton who is Unwinds little helper, a rescue cat, Maine who is Unwinds feistiest helper and an adopted kitten, Lynx who is Unwinds sweet helper. So, how we got here...after several years of making handcrafted bath and spa products for myself and others, Trent encouraged and helped me to bring Unwind to life I know you'll love our all-natural products made with pure essential oils.

While I am not daydreaming about being in the mountains with breathtaking views, I want to encourage you to spoil yourselves, because you deserve it!

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