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Kids Music Thera-Play with Miss PJ: Toddler (Age 1-3)


** Caregivers must be present; not required to participate, although required to intervene if needed by the teacher. Siblings up to 7 yo can participate with purchase of additional child ticket. 

  • This group is filled with interactive songs, gentle movement, and sensory-focused experiences to encourage development. We will be exploring sounds, instruments, and imaginative play.  Think Wheels on the Bus, Baby Bumble Bee, scarves, and movements.
  • Developmentally, participants of this group should encompass the following: be in the process of mastering basic motor movements (walking, climbing), exploring objects, gaining understanding of cause and effect, beginning to combine words, express emotions, and engage in parallel play. This age group is just beginning to assert independence, such as feeding themselves. 


Music Therapy is the evidenced-based practice of using music as the medium while working in a therapeutic relationship with the client to reach non-musical goals. These goals can encompass developmental, cognitive, social, emotional, or sensory needs.

We believe in the ability and need for creative expression in all people. We take a person-centered approach to music therapy by celebrating and building on the strengths of individuals while also supporting them in achieving wellness goals through music intervention.  We strive to create and foster a safe environment where each client can reestablish their relationship with themselves through curiosity and vulnerability.

PJ Boyajian (MM, MT-BC | she/her/hers) is a life-long musician and lover of people.  She received her Bachelor’s degree in Music Education from Appalachian State University and her Master’s degree in Music Therapy from Colorado State University.  She has previously held jobs at an acute psychiatric hospital serving all ages, and a pediatric medical hospital.  Currently, she provides in-home care and music theraplay sessions with preschool aged groups through her private company, Sound Solutions Music Therapy.  PJ’s goal is to provide affordable and quality care, education, and a place for all abilities to the tri-cities area.

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