The Generalist

"YOU'RE SO GOLDEN" Valentine's Day Kit


A unique and thoughtful gift for your loved one this Valentine's Day! 

Our Valentine’s Day Kits include:

  • One hand-curated vintage candlestick holder outfitted with a Base Vase, which transforms the unique piece into your very own bud vase!
  • Your choice of two to three stems of fresh flowers or a plant clipping

  • Plus, a thoughtful touch for you to customize: 

  • A Polaroid printed from any photo of your choice

    A form will be sent to you upon purchasing the kit to add your personal touches and will be due by Sunday, February 13 to guarantee Valentine's Day delivery

  • Please keep in mind "vintage" means each candlestick holder has its own indications of wear and age, but that's why we love them ☺

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